Monday, January 23, 2012

Favorite Junk: Vintage Putnam "Lightning" Canning Jars

Favorite Junk: Vintage Putnam
"Lightning" Canning Jar
There is something so appealing about well crafted utilitarian items made for the home.  Aesthetically pleasing yet eminently functional, vintage canning jars are so practical in their use, and yet so versatile beyond just jams and pickles, they're an easy thing to fall in love with.  While I've used various Ball jars in the past for sorting bits and pieces in my craft room, my favorites are still the Putnam "Lightning" jars.

I first stumbled upon these jars on eBay and fell in love with them, charmed by their quirkiness and the clean aqua blue color.  I love the bold words "Lightning" that are embossed largely across the front,  The color, a light aqua or blueish bottle green, reminds me of aquamarines, my favorite stone.  Only through sheer willpower did I manage to hold back the obsession at three, but I loved them so much that they joined the small pile of precious possessions that made the trip from the US to the UK.

Made between 1882 and 1960, and called "Lightning" because the latched lid mechanism made them quick to seal, there are a number of variations in size and color.  While I personally love the blue green color best, if you're inclined to buy one of the other vintage colors, be on the lookout for fakes.

They say you can't put lightning in a bottle....but perhaps you can put it in a canning jar.

putnam lightning jars
My "Lightning" jars arranged on a shelf with other
blue green glass and quirky bits

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