Sunday, July 21, 2013

One of the fastest and most satisfying ways to change the look and feel of an old, creaky dresser into a piece of wonder without the hassle of paint, primer, tape, sanding, layers of work and time is simply to replace outdated or ill fitting hardware.

This lovely vintage highboy had already been updated a number of years ago with a bright teal coat of paint, but the knobs fit a different d├ęcor. The modern wood ones had simple, clean Scandinavian lines, but in a more cottage style room the simple modern lines of the knobs didn’t gel. And the smaller, older knobs on the accessory drawers, one of which was missing, were of another vintage era entirely.

New knobs, in a simple, classic, yet detailed style in an antique pewter finish were ordered online on eBay for $1.80 each plus $5.95 flat shipping. It took less 10 minutes to swap them out all the pulls and for the dresser to take on a more cohesive, classic, yet still custom and charismatic look.

In this project we went with a more traditional style, but it's definitely worth it to be creative. You can go on Etsy shops like Kimberly Maston Art & Design and find custom made one of a kind knobs or find original vintage knobs from any era on eBay.

$21.60 for 12 knobs
$5.95 shipping
$27.55 Total

10 minutes plus shopping time

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