Monday, February 6, 2012

Repurposed & Renewed: ABBA "Super Trouper" Single Record Clock

clock upcycled and repurposed from junk including a pizza pan and a egg coddling dish
One of my favorite repurposed clocks -
the back is a pizza tin, some middle piece
and then the center egg boiler. 
I love repurposing bits and pieces, giving them a new life, and one of my favorite ways to use them is to make clocks.  They're simple to make, extremely fun and require really just a little glue and some imagination.  I've made clocks out of old saw blades and gear pieces, though one of my favorites is made out of an old pizza tin and an egg boiler.  It sounds like a strange combination, but it's visually interesting and gets many comments from visitors.

To prove just how easy clocks are to make, I picked up a 45 single of ABBA's Super Trouper the other day at the charity shop.  Vinyl records are almost literally a dime a dozen these days, particularly if you're not fussy about what band or song it is.  This one cost me a mere 50 pence (about 75 cents).  I didn't set out looking for an ABBA album, but it was the first one that seemed interesting. 

Vintage ABBA Super Trouper 45 single record
The only other things you need then are some glue and the clock mechanisms.  You can buy battery operated clock mechanisms on eBay fairly cheaply, for around £2 each plus shipping.  I bought a bunch from a place in Bulgaria mainly because they had a better selection of clock hands.  The other thing I used to do in the states was go to Goodwill or Salvation Army and find battery operated clocks there that I liked the hands and then take them apart.  Though bring a battery in that case to test whether or not the clock actually works.

You can make a clock out of almost anything that has a hole big enough for the mechanism to go through (or that you can make the hole big enough) and that will allow the mechanism to clear so the hands can go around.  Which mostly leaves fairly flat items unless you specifically purchase clock mechanisms with a longer center thread.  I haven't looked for them myself, but I'm sure they exist as I've seen them on second hand clocks I've purchased.  Clock hand sizes vary as well in length so pick the right one for your project.  Some mechanisms tick, others are noted as "silent movement", so also think about that when purchasing.

Clock made from a vintage ABBA Super Trooper record and clock mechanism and hands bought on eBay
Repurposed & Renewed:  That's a Super Trouper!
For this ABBA clock the center hole was slightly too small for the mechanism, so I wore away at the center a tiny bit with a file but in the end just ended up forcing it through.  I put a little bit of standard white PVC glue between the clock mechanism and the back of the record to keep it in place.  You could use an epoxy type glue as well.  Once the mechanism is through, you simply pop the clock hands on the front and, voila, there you have a clock.  A picture hanger also needs to be affixed to the back using glue (a super glue type or epoxy is better here) so that the clock can hang on the wall.  Depending on the size and shape of your clock you can attach the hanger to the clock or to the back of the mechanism - in this case it was glued to the mechanism.

Put a battery in and you're done!  A fantastic, one of a kind clock.

Simple, easy, crafty.  Gotta love it.

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