Thursday, February 2, 2012

Treasure Hunt: 1930's Still Life Watercolor

I live in a dangerous part of Bath.  Oh, not the way you'd think.  The crime rate is low.  It's quiet and peaceful and the worst felonies in this part of the city are some of the outfits you see the students wearing on a Friday night out on the town. No, I live in the dangerous part because I live around the corner from two of the best charity shops in the city.  I walk out to the grocery store or a restaurant and can't restrain myself from popping in to see what new treasures they have for sale.  It's good for the soul but bad for the wallet.

Today was no exception.
1930s 1930's vintage still life watercolor of vase, apples, oranges, fruit, signed G.O. Palmer 1930
Treasure Hunt: Want some fruit?

This afternoon on the way to meet some friends I picked up this lovely watercolor for £9.99 (about $15).  While I'm not normally attracted to still lifes, I really love watercolors.  In this case in particular I love the workmanship and clear skill of the artist.  I particularly like the way the light glistens off the corner of the jug and the detailed coloring of the apples.  And, as I'm a sucker for anything from the '20s and '30s, I was a gonner when I realized it was signed signed "G.O. Palmer 1930".


Oddly enough, I just read a small column in Homes & Antiques Magazine this afternoon about how still lifes are out of fashion and commanding much lower prices than in the past, but that they're likely to increase.  It's difficult to value this one, though I can imagine it's at least worth the price I paid.  I found some still lifes by a "G. Palmer" that have sold Christie's in the hundreds of pounds, but without pictures of the art and the signature on those it's difficult to detetrmine if it's the same artist.  If anyone reading has a suggestion where to find out, please send me a note!  He could be a nobody or he could be from the family of the Palmer Baronets.  Who was this obviously talented artist?

The mystery is almost as enjoyable the painting itself....

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